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Look cycle

Innovation is at the centre of the strategy of the LOOK brand. More than 169 patents were registered by Look Cycle International between 1998 and 2009, to maintain its place of leader on the very upper range, it is imperative to innovate continually…
In 2009, the INPI awarded LOOK with the Trophy of the most innovating company of the year.
Look carbon pedals, adjustable and ultra lightweight, have already won several international prises for design and innovation, of which the last in date the prestigious IF 2010 design prise rewarding our new model, the Keo Blade.

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Look schoenplaten keo

Look schoenplaten keo
€ 14,95
€ 12,95

Look schoenplaten keo grip

Look schoenplaten keo grip
€ 17,95
€ 15,95
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