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Made in Germany

Driven by our firm conviction and out of tradition, we have been developing, designing, constructing and producing bicycle accessories since 1932 here in our company based in Sundern, Germany.

The slogan »MADE IN GERMANY« is not just an empty promise to us, but reflects our high standards in quality, function and design. You can experience this with every single one of our branded lines.

Our mission: With innovative products for more comfort and higher security we help modern and mobile people to appreciate cycling in everyday life.

SKS. For carefree cycling.

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Sks inzetrubbers

Sks inzetrubber groot/klein, 30mm zuiger,rubber evakop
Van € 1,25

Sks manometer

Sks manometer voor rennkompressor
€ 19,95
€ 16,95

SKS Airkompressor vloerpomp

SKS Airkompressor met duokop vloerpomp
€ 34,95
€ 27,95

SKS Aircon 6.0 vloerpomp

SKS Aircon 6.0 vloerpomp
€ 34,99
€ 31,95

SKS Airworx 10.0 vloerpomp

SKS Airworx 10.0 hogedrukpomp silver
€ 37,98
€ 32,95

SKS Rennkompressor vloerpomp

SKS Rennkompressor hogedrukpomp
€ 59,99
€ 49,95
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