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Deda Elementi

Deda Elementi means personality

If you got here, it means you know what you are looking for.
Indeed, you can’t reach Deda Elementi by chance.
You got here because you have a clear, specific point of view.
Deda Elementi is a point of view... a state of mind.

We take components seriously, and we put the very same experience and  engineering into the components for champions like Lance Armstrong, Jan  Ulrich, Paolo Bettini, as we do for the most important bike in the  world: yours.

Within the Deda Elementi product line is the full experience of people  who, for the past ten years, have worked every day, side by side, with  professional riders and mechanics from the most successful teams in the  world.You find advanced materials, innovative design, time-tested shapes, all  the integrity and heritage of a company that provides answers to the  demands of winners.

Lighter, stronger, more victorious.

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Deda Parabolica Due

Deda Parabolica Due opzetstuur
€ 83,47
€ 72,00

Deda Parabolica Uno

Deda Parabolica Uno opzetstuur
€ 90,33
€ 75,00

Deda Zero 100 zadelpen

Deda Zero 100 zadelpen
€ 100,73
€ 79,95

Deda Zero 100

Deda Zero 100 stuur
€ 110,82
€ 89,95

Deda Zero 100 stuurpen

Deda Zero 100 servizio corse stuurpen
€ 141,07
€ 115,95

Deda Metal Blast opzetstuur

Deda Metal Blast opzetstuur
€ 169,00
€ 99,95
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